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Add alternating color to rows
  • I’m switching from using tablesorter to jkit for sorting tables. What I need is the ability to have alternating colors for rows.

  • This will be possible with jKits new event system that I will release this week, stay tuned. You will be able to call the cycle command after the sorting is done.

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
  • This works for initial display before sorting:

    Add “stripeMe” class to table and add “alt” class background color to css

    in the document ready function add

    $(“.stripeMe tr:odd”).addClass(“alt”);

    comes from http://docs.jquery.com/Tutorials:Zebra_Striping_Made_Easy

    but I’ll need the event system to stripe the sorted columns.

  • Have a look at the last example over here: https://jquery-jkit.com/commands/sort.html

    You need the latest version on jKit for it to work (v1.1.4). For more info about the event system, have a look at the advanced page.

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch