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Issue installing JKit
  • Hello, I’m very interested in JKit and tried to install it on top of my WordPress site. The 2 js files (jquery-1.9.1.min.js and jquery.jkit.1.2.3.min.js) are well loaded with my page, but when I look at the page code, I have the following error that appears : “Uncaught TypeError : Object [Object, object] has no method ‘Jkit’ Of course, none of the JKit functions are working, due to this error ! Can somebody give me some clue to help me ? Many thanks

  • Can you post a link to your wordpress page?

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
  • Hello Fredi, Thanks for taking care of this. Here is a link where you can have a look on the issue : http://www.inglobo.fr/fr/modele/accueil Let me know. Many thanks Pat

  • Your jQuery link is wrong, gives me a 404: http://www.inglobo.fr/fr/modele/accueil/jquery-1.9.1.min.js

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
  • OOOpppsss Sorry for that. I have not placed the right folder. Now, the js files are loaded, but still an issue. I have just copied your code concerning the “SCROLL” function in my page to see how things are going. Many thanks.

  • Everything works, it’s just that you want to jump to an anchor that doen’t exist. Maybe I have to add a check for that in a later version so that it doesn’t throw an exception.

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
  • I have modified the code in order to be sure that the anchors are well placed now. Seem to work except one thing : I have placed a long timing (5000) for the speed and when I click ont the link for the first time, the speed is OK, but if I continue to click several time, the speed seems to be smaller and smaller. Could you have a look on that please. Many thanks Pat

  • Hello Fredi, Some news about my last post : I have disable “dynamix=yes” and now, the smooth scrooling function is working well. I don’t know what kind of issue was related to this, but now, I will only use with no-dynamic option. Many thanks for your support Pat