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Combining Carousel with Lightbox
  • Is there the ability to merge the lightbox function with a carousel?

            <div class="row carousel" data-jkit="[carousel:autoplay=yes]">
                <div class="carousel-item">
                    <a href="images/sideSample.jpg" data-jkit="[lightbox:group=images]" title="">
                    <img src="images/sideSample.jpg" alt="">
  • Just run a few tests. Looks like it’s currently not possible. Will try to find a solution.

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
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  • Hey Fred. Any updates on this? The carousel basically takes away all click functions on the carousel items.

  • Hi Fredi. Do you think that this will be possible soon? I understand if not, and I will implement another solution, but would rather work within jKit.

  • The problem is that I currently don’t have as much free time as I hoped, but if everything goes right, it will be part of the next major release.

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
  • I’m really sorry to request this again Fredi, but do you see this happening shortly? or will it more likely by months out. Again, I understand you’re short of time and I really appreciate your efforts of jKit.