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Carousel Bug?
  • My problem can be seen at: regarding the “Gallery”.

    I am using the carousel command to enable previous/next navigation through images. After the first item, I get blanks, however if I navigate to previous items they appear and then progress correctly without the gap.

    Any recommendations?

            <div class="carousel" data-jkit="[carousel:autoplay=yes;limit=1;animation=fade;prevhtml=;nexthtml=]">
                <div class="carousel-item"><img src="images/1.jpg" alt="1" title="Image caption ONE"></div>
                <div class="carousel-item"><img src="images/2.jpg" alt="1" title="Image caption TWO"></div>
                <div class="carousel-item"><img src="images/3.jpg" alt="1" title="Image caption THREE"></div>
                <div class="carousel-item"><img src="images/4.jpg" alt="1" title="Image caption FOUR"></div>
                <div class="carousel-item"><img src="images/5.jpg" alt="1" title="Image caption FIVE"></div>
  • I will look into into and let you know as soon as I have a solution.

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
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  • Hi, your problem should be fixed now. Just uploaded v1.1.7 that contains the bugfix. Thx for the report and good luck with your jKit project. 🙂

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
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  • Thanks for that – it works!

    I’ve also noticed that when I have autoplay=no the image automatically progresses from slide 1 to slide 2. It stops at slide 2 until you navigate.

    I plan to have the autoplay=yes, so this is not important to me, however I have currently set it to “no” so you can see the issue.

  • Thx, will fix that as soon as possible.

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
  • Fixed (v1.1.9).

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
  • The bug reported by toledoh is not corrected on version 1.1.11. To do this, I propose to record the number of current timeout, then systematically remove the timeout when activating the plugin.carousel (this action will have no effect if no timeout has been enabled).

    • Add options.timeout = at the beginning of lines 1473, 2940, 2944
    • Add line 2914: clearTimeout(options.timeout);

    I recorded the number of timeout in options.timeout, but it can be placed in another variable of the component (because multiple carousels can be displayed on the same page).

    This patch fixes the bug, but not when you click on the Prev button ‘<‘ for an animation (put option speed to 500 or 1000 for the test). By deleting lines 2913 (if! IsAnimated), 2936 and 2937 (end if), the bug is fixed without side effects.

  • Toledohs bug is actually fixed in 1.1.11, just tested it with his page. But I think I know what you’re pointing at … will have a look at it.

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
  • Test page with jkit-1.1.11

    Test page with the proposed patch

    The patch is not yet perfect: Clicking a button [<] or [>] during animation can disappear temporarily an image, it will reappear in the next cycle.