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Nested LightBoxes?
  • I need to be able to popup a modal (submission), the from within that modal, popup another (select image), so that when the user selected what they need to in the second model, I can use jquery to alter values in the first modal, so when you go back to it, it can save with the newly selected value.
    However when I do this, the new iframe, replaces the old, and there is no way to update the ‘parent’ iframe, so the user looses their submission dialogue.

    Is there any way to make thie lightbox call nest, so i can stack multiple modals?

    We’d be prepared to pay for this depending on price and time,


  • Hi Simon,

    I could add options to stack modal windows, but are you sure this is a good way to solve the problem? A browser page isn’t ment to be like an OS with “windows” in it. I would bet there’s a better way to do it that is easier to understand for the user, more along the way he is used to work with a webpage.

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