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No Accordion on Ajax Content
  • I have a list of link that carry the content “href” inside a div using Ajax Jkit, but when I add some effect within this content content, for example an accordion, so this effect does not work. Even if I write the jquery again this external content does not work.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I’ll keep trying, if I can come here to share. Thank you.

  • Hi, you’re right, that’s a problem. I will release a new version tomorrow that will solve this one. Not much code to add. 🙂

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
  • Glad to hear it, then I replace the code tomorrow, because now I have not packed a solution, so I used the code without ajax.

  • Check the latest version 1.1.21 … it should now work.

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch
  • I’ll test it now, thank you. Soon I come back to say.

  • Look WORKED! Great job, really was just a detail. Thank you.

    PS: I’ll add on facebook, google plus, shared on social networks, etc.. I would pay you for a beer but found no donation link. Great project, it helps a lot of people, and it will help much, is in this spirit that keeps it alive, thanks again.

  • Yeah, it was just a small detail.

    Creator of jKit – www.fredibach.ch