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  • For Filter and Limit it would be great to have a pagination. I guess this could be applied to other features to, like slideshow

  • Hey, I’m not so sure if this would be an additional option or a completely new command, probably a new command. It really has to fit in there, play nice with the other commands and don’t add too much code. I will post an update in case I found a good way to add it.

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  • Please excuse my lack of understanding. Would this also apply pagination to carousel, slideshow, gallery, tabs etc. I would like the option of having next/previous, as well as 1/2/3/4/5/6 etc.

  • To explain myself better, I am using tabs for the Menus at and sometimes the content within a tab will be long and therefore the viewer will not be able to see the tab headings when viewing the bottom of the content. I would like to place pagination at the bottom to indicate what tab they are on, and to be able to select other tabs.

  • Just my first api ideas, but I think it will be something close to this:


    And of course they can be attached to an event, so you can use them together with filtered or sorted tables.

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  • Something like this would probably be useful as well:


    This would break pages at hand selected elements.

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  • First version of the pagination command is now online: https://jquery-jkit.com/commands/paginate.html

    More command options will follow …

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  • will infinite scrolling can be added as pagination options?..

  • I’m not sure. There will be however an infinite scrolling option for the ajax command.

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