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Sticky elements
  • Looking for an elegant way to make certain elements stick on the top of the viewport while scrolling a page (lets say a bunch of li elements as a nav bar), i went through the jkit features. Is there already a way to do this by jkit and i’m just blind? currently i use waypoints for that but i like to do it the jkit way. I guess this feature is worth to be taken in jkit because it’s very often used.

  • Have a look at this binding testpage I made over here: http://www.aletscharena.ch/jkit/wandertest.php

    I think what you want to do should be possible with bindings.

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  • It is very close to what i intend. The only thing is that the “sidething” doesn’t scroll. It’s fixed. It should scroll & when it reaches the top of the viewport stick there.