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Fontsize command

Let the user easely change the fontsize of certain elements.

Basic Usage (HTML)


Advanced Init (JavaScript)

$('#myelement').jKit('fontsize', { 'steps': '2', 'affected': 'p' });


stepsInt2The steps between each fontsize
minInt6The minimum fontsize
maxInt72The maximum fontsize
affectedDOM elementpThe affected DOM elements
styleCSS stylefont-sizeDefines which CSS style should be changed, so you’re not limit to a font size change


changedTriggered whenever the fontsize has changed


Basic example:

Make it possible to change the fontsize of all paragraphs inside the example div:

Some heading

Some text …

Some more text …

<input type="button" value="bigger" data-jkit="[fontsize:steps=2;affected=#fs-example p]">
<input type="button" value="smaller" data-jkit="[fontsize:steps=-2;affected=#fs-example p]">
<div id="fs-example">
	<h3>Some heading</h3>
	<p>Some text ...<p>
	<p>Some more text ...</p>


There are currently no replacements for this command.

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